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John Undem

A Leading Minnesota Attorney

John Drake Undem is a Leading Minnesota Attorney with extensive experience with trials both in the personal injury and criminal law areas. Contact us immediately to inquire about our services. If you or a person you know has been injured, maimed or killed due to defective products, automobile accidents, train accidents, airplane accidents, or dog bites, contact us to learn more about what we can offer.


Mr. Undem co-founded the Maturi & Undem law firm with Jon A. Maturi in Grand Rapids, Minnesota in 1987. Both Mr. Maturi and Mr. Undem brought extensive litigation experience to the firm. They served the citizens of northern Minnesota in criminal defense and personal injury matters until 1996, when Mr. Maturi became a judge. Today, Mr. Undem continues his practice as Undem Law Office at the same Grand Rapids location. The firm continues to handle personal injury and criminal cases throughout Minnesota.