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Slip and Fall Accidents

To be considered an actionable personal injury case, these injuries must be caused by an unsafe condition in the environment, such as a slippery or uneven surface, an obstruction or barrier of some sort, or some other preventable danger.

When one or more party’s actions or negligence result in a slip and fall injury, the victim may be able to seek compensation for their losses and suffering with the help of a qualified attorney. These cases fall under laws governing premises liability. These laws provide that property owners, managers, and other parties duty to keep their property free of preventable dangers. Broken bones and ongoing care may be needed in any accident case for this reason, it is best to have a consultation with Undem Law Office to understand your legal rights and protect the evidence to support your case.

Under premises liability, a legal standard is applied to determine the culpability of the party responsible for the property. Under the “reasonable person” standard, if a prudent person would likely have identified the unsafe or dangerous conditions and taken prompt action to remedy or warn of the hazard, and the party responsible for a property fails to take such action, they can be held accountable for all ensuing damages.

For example, if the tile floors of a grocery store are made slippery due to rain or snow and the grocery managers or owners fail to mitigate the risks and caution customers, they can be held liable if a person was to encounter a fall and suffer a serious injury.

Slip and Fall Accident Evaluation

Undem Law Office can evaluate a slip and fall case to determine liability during your initial consultation. Mr. Undem and his support staff may be looking for evidence that suggests the length of time a hazardous condition was present at the location of the fall. This can help to show that the responsible party had ample time to identify and correct the danger. Furthermore, if a danger could have been easily prevented or remedied and it was not, it may be easier to show negligence on part of the premises owner or other party.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident, it is important to keep thorough records about the incident, including the date and location of the accident, the conditions of the premises, the nature of the danger that led to the injury, the damages that occurred, and all medical records.

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