Mr. Undem graduated from the University of North Dakota Law School in 1984 in the top five percent of his class. He practiced at the Grand Forks State's Attorney's Office as a prosecutor for several years before starting a private litigation practice in Northern Minnesota. When he moved to Grand Rapids in 1987 he formed a partnership with Jon Maturi which successfully litigated personal injury and criminal defense cases all across the state. In 1996 Mr. Maturi went on to become a Minnesota District Court Judge. Mr. Undem continued his practice at the same Grand Rapids location. Mr. Undem's practice consists completely of personal injury and criminal defense matters. He has litigated virtually every type of case that there is in these areas of law from medical malpractice to airplane and automobile accidents to murder cases.


Mr. Undem understands and lives by a very fundamental principal of trial law: "Not every case is going to go to trial, but the only way to secure a fair settlement or a resolution of a case short of a trial is for the other side to know that you are always prepared and will go to trial if you have to."


Meticulous preparation and a reputation as a lawyer who tries cases and wins them will always put you in the best position for a successful outcome.